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* Keep Pets Healthy with Proper Diet and Exercise

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Even pets have the tendency to gain an extra belly especially if their owners eat a lot too while lacking exercise. People who want to lose weight would want quick and effective solution that's why they turn to diet pills or weight-loss meds. This is what most owners do too when they have overweight pets. However, losing the extra pounds through the natural way is more suggested to ensure pet health.

Natural way means no pills or meds, just plain diet and exercise. Owners should feed their pets less while giving them more time to exercise. Some owners are very delighted to see their dogs or cats pigging out, thinking that they will be healthier with more food and nutrition. But having an overweight pet carries problems and inconveniences on both pets and owners.

In 2008, a research by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention revealed that an estimated 50% of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. This is quite a disturbing fact which means that most owners are really spoiling their pets with too much food but are not able to let their pets shake off the extra pounds with proper exercise.

Exercise is a very effective way to lose weight especially if done along proper and healthy diet. Pet owners can take their pets for a walk or go jogging every morning in the park. Walking can already contribute to weight-loss and as a matter of fact, is a recommended to burn calories and fats. Jogging also makes both the pet and his owner more active. It is important for health and wellness, and of course to weight-loss too. Pet owners can also conduct dog training to exercise not only the pet's body but also his mind. However, most pets can be stubborn at the beginning especially if they've gotten used to their pigging out and potato couch lifestyle. There are ways to motivate pets to participate in training such as commending them or giving treats. For pets that are really hard to teach, there are dog training collars that can aid owners in teaching their pets. One of the most widely-used is the Petsafe dog training collar which is very effective especially when used with proper collar training techniques. There are pet owners too who prefer to conduct agility dog training. This is a good way not for pet health but also for pet intelligence. Figuring and running through agility courses makes pet smarter.

Without a healthy diet and proper exercise, overweight pets are likely to experience numerous health risks such as osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, respiratory disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure and heart disease. Avoid these health problems and get pets into the active and healthy lifestyle.


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* Pet Owners Worry Less With Wireless Fences: Google Results Seem to Suggest

Pet owners are seen to have drifted from traditional fencing to electronic dog fences, especially now that wifi has found its way to improve these modern containment. High keyword search volume and good sales rate of hi-tech dog fencing products such as the Petsafe wireless dog fence shows a clear indication of this.

(America Outdoor) Feb 11, 2010 --- With a global monthly search volume of 74,000, it seems like more and more pet owners are becoming interested with the word wireless fence. Related keywords such as wireless dog fences have about 3,400 people Googling them monthly. These numbers give us the idea that pet owners value technical features and great convenience that wireless dog containment offer. The results also offer us what brand do they prefer. Out of the 150 keywords sorted by relevance to wireless dog fence, the brand name usually included in the search is Petsafe.

A brand tested and proven by most pet owners, Petsafe has made the industry's most reliable dog fences, bark collars, and training collars. They continuously develop safe and effective products because they believe that safe and secured pets would mean happy owners. Their wireless dog fence system is one of the most sought after products today.

With numerous online stores carrying Petsafe products, pet owners can go for sources that offer the lowest prices and best deals for wireless dog fences. So where can they get that? Google provides the answer in the Seach Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of the words Petsafe and Petsafe wireless dog fence. In the top pages for these 2 keywords, one of the most consistent names is America Outdoor. Carrying the best selection of Petsafe dog fences, bark collars and training collars, most online shoppers have also turned to them for affordable wireless dog fences.

There are thousands of sites offering product reviews. Most reviews also seem to suggest commendable features and advantages of wireless dog fences. Dog containment has been easier and better with new advancements brought about by technology. Truly, pet owners can worry less with wireless.

For additional information on Petsafe wireless dog fences, you may visit



* On MicroChipping: How Do You Want to Protect Your Pets

Today, more and more dog owners are being cautious of losing their pets. There are many situations where in dogs can run loose and can't find their way home. This is unfortunate for their owners who find it hard to find them because of the thousands of other dogs that look exactly just like their pets. To easily track and identify lost pets, the idea of micro chipping was brought up.

While most pets wear collars and tags, some don't, and chances of getting the collar off the pet's neck is also high. Many dog owners now have turned to technology to ensure the protection of their pets. Microchips are implanted on pets to provide an extra level of protection. Not bigger than a grain of rice, microchips are placed on pets via surgical procedure. They can be implanted on any kind of pets, and not just dogs and cats. The device carries a number, and this number is plugged into a database that includes the name and contact information of a pet's owner. This makes the tracking and identification easier.

Yet, the idea of micro chipping is not yet wide spread. Some advocates of animal rights do not like the idea of implanting a device on pets, specially that it has to be through surgery. However, the decision still lies on the hands of pet owners. How do you want to protect your pets?

Petsafe at America Outdoor believes that safe and secured pets result to happy owners.


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