Wicker Dog Crates
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Wicker Dog Crates are easily one of the most in-demand dog crates available today -- and you can see why. These beautiful dog crates have some of the most elegant designs you can find and will keep your home looking stylish. They are made from high quality imitation wicker to keep your dog safe. And just like our regular dog crates, the wicker dog crates are just as easy to clean and maintain. Each wicker dog crate comes with a durable bottom and metal cage to ensure your dog does not chew into the wicker damaging it. Pricing on wicker dog crates varies due to the detailing that goes into that particular model. No matter what you will be glad you purchased a Wicker Dog Crate!

Wicker Dog Crates

Furniture grade - solid wood frame and
Rhino-wicker woven resin inset panels

Wicker Dog Crates

Wicker Dog Crates are in high-demand because of their beautiful craftsmanship. Wicker Dog Crates intricate designs and color scheme help them blend into any home decor, regardless of the size of the crate. Instead of a traditional dog crate, a Wicker Dog Crate hides the traditional look with a gorgeously crafted wicker covering. Some Wicker Dog Crates are full Wicker that is thick and durable to withstand even the biggest dogs or puppies that chew. Wicker Dog Crates do not absorb liquids or odors which will keep it clean smelling for as long as you own it.

Depending on the style of wicker dog crate, it will either be a full wicker crate or a traditional crate with wicker covering. The benefits to a wicker dog crate is that it is cut thick, leaving no chance for fluids or odors seeping into it. This means less maintenance to the wicker dog crate and less work for you. The wicker is tough and durable; which means it will last for years and years.

Many people love Wicker chairs, tables and other miscellaneous items. A Wicker Dog Crate from AmericaOutdoor.com will allow you to blend the dog crate into your existing wicker items without disturbing the flow. Best of all you’ll never have to deal with an unsightly traditional dog crate in your home again.

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