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TriTronics has been committed to designing, manufacturing and selling only the highest quality, most durable and reliable, and easiest to use electronic dog training products in the world. TriTronics offers the Pro Series, Field Series and Sport Series cater to the beginner and avid amateur. Even some of the top sporting dog professionals and competitors make TriTronics their number 1 choice for electronic dog training products.

TriTronics Sport Series
- 1/2 mile range
- 20 Levels of Correction
- 100% Waterproof
TriTronics Field Series
- 1 mile range
- 6 Levels of Correction
- Simple 1-button operation
- 1 mile range
- 6 Levels of Correction
- 1 mile range
- 12 Levels of Correction
- Expands up to 3 dogs
- 1 mile range
- 24 Levels of Correction
- Expands up to 3 dogs
- 2 mile range
- 24 Levels of Correction
- Expands up to 6 dogs
TriTronics Pro Series
- 1 mile range
- 24 Levels of Correction
- Fully charge in two hours
- 1 mile range
- 24 Levels of Correction
- Expands up to 3 dogs
- 1 mile range
- 36 Levels of Correction
- Expands up to 3 dogs
TriTronics Extra Collar Receiver
- Set of short contact points
- A set of long contact points
- A contact point wrench
- Easy to Hear Up to 400 Yards
- Two Modes of Operation
- Easy On/Off Switch
TriTronics Accessories
- Rugged Waterproof Body
- 4 Brightness Levels
- Rechargeable
- Attaches to the G2/G3 receiver
- Powered by the receiver battery
- Light insert only, receiver not included
- Tri-Tronics Car Charger
- Works with G2 and G3 Models


TriTronicss are the number 1 choice for electronic dog training products from most top sporting dog professionals and competitors. Electronic dog training products made by TriTronics are durable and reliable out in the field. TriTronics products deliver a level of high performance that the best trainers in the world have experienced from TriTronics for more than four decades. TriTronics training products are developed to be easy to operate and understand as well as having state of the art technology. This is essential when being out in the field. Its important that you can react just as quickly to what your dog is doing. If you don’t, you may miss the split-second opportunity to correct his behavior and help him learn. TriTronics training products are the best of the best when it comes to electronic dog training products.

TriTronics pioneered and developed two forms of stimulation. TriTronics training products has either one or two types of stimulation on all TriTronics Remote Trainer; Momentary or Continuous. Momentary stimulation is a pre-measured "nick" that will last for a fraction of a second no matter how long you press the stimulation button. Continuous mode will cause stimulation to occur for as long as the button is held down, up to 8 seconds. TriTronics products provide a time-out safety button to prevent pressing the button to long. This safety feature is on ALL TriTronics products. Having these types of stimulation make it easier for your dog to learn. Low-level continuous stimulation is excellent for introducing the collar to any breed of dog. At higher, stronger stimulation levels, it's your best way to stop an unwanted behavior in its tracks. Momentary stimulation is the perfect attention-getter ideal for working in the field with an advanced dog. Use it to reinforce commands that your dog already knows.

TriTronics Dog Training Products provide great features with the latest line of electronic dog training products. One of those features of TriTronics training products is offering a more rugged antenna with a smaller overall profile that eliminates the possibility of a lost antenna thus saving money in the long run. Another great feature from TriTronics products is the Accessory/Tone button is now located on the face of the transmitter. This is great for users who are wearing gloves and/or have the transmitter in a holster for easy access. You now have more control of stimulation levels with the new tactical intensity control and all one-handed. The technological features have advanced in the latest line of TriTronics products with a more modernized transmitter design for increased performance.

TriTronics has developed the Tracer light that is a great accessory for E-Collars. The Tracer Light can be activated by the transmitter and comes in a choice of colors such as white, red and blue. Your dog is visible for 1/2 mile away. TriTronics developed a Tracer light with a brilliant LED light and is lightweight and durable. This is easily attached to your e-collars and will allow you to know where your dog is after dark making it easier to track your dog. You can choose between a blinking light and a constant light. By choosing a combination of colors and mode a Hunter will be able to identify multiple dogs that are out in the field. You can have the light on for the whole hunt or just switch it on when necessary. The TriTronics Tracer Light is designed to fit the G3 EXP Series receiver and is compatible with any G2 or G3 remote trainer.

With TriTronics "Expandable" electronic training products multiple dogs can be trained with the use of one transmitter. TriTronics Roller Straps come in multiple colors: Black, Orange, Red and Blue. The color of the Roller Straps can correspond with the colors on the transmitter making it easier to send commands out to the dogs in the field. With a visual guide your response getting the command out will be quicker making it a more successful hunt.

Whether you’re an amateur or among the top sport dog professionals and competitor TriTronics has the dog training product for you. The Sport Series from TriTronics allow up to 3 dogs with one remote transmitter that is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed. The Field Series is a product line perfect for problem solving at home and an all-around training tool for field work regardless of the type of training you do. The TriTronics Pro Series is for the dedicated professional and serious amateur trainers. All three product lines from TriTronics keep the high standards, ruggedness, and reliability as well as simple and easy to use. All of these qualities are exactly what TriTronics is known for.

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