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SportDog gear leads the field because they're always in the field. SportDOG Training Products is the kind of dog-training gear sportsmen would design and build for themselves if they ran the company, because sportsmen do run the company. Of course SportDog has some pretty high-powered engineers on the team, but you won't find them in the office on opening day. They're in a blind or in the field with their research assistants: setters, springers, Labs and pointers -- with the occasional beagle or bluetick thrown in. SportDog knows their equipment is going to take an occasional hard knock and get wet, but it needs to keep working. SportDog believes their equipment shouldn't just work for a season, but for a lifetime guaranteed. Sport Dog delivers their products at a fair price with more range for the money than anything else out there. All of SportDogs products come with the only Lifetime Limited Warranty in its price range. Rest assured, when they say SportDOG Brand® products are "Gear the way you'd design it," they mean it!

SportDOG Fencing
- Vibrate only option
- Tone only option
- Comes with 1,000 ft. of 20-gauge wire
SportDOG Training Collars
- Very small waterproof receiver
- Range of 100 yards
- Tone button
-500 yard range
-Expands to 3 dogs
-2 hour charge
- For Stubborn Dogs
- Waterproof receiver
- Range of 100 yards
- DryTek Waterproof design
- 7 programming modes
- Ergonomic receiver
- Realtree Max-4 CAMO Finish
- 2 hour charge
- 2.4 ounce transmitter
- 1/2 Mile Range
- Vibration or Tone Modes
- Expands to 3 dogs
SportDOG Bark Collars
- 6 levels of Light-Touch correction
- Durable, Waterproof collar
- No programming required
- 10 Correction Levels
- Waterproof & Submersible
- 18 levels of correction
- Durable, waterproof Receiver Collar
- No programming required
SportDOG Beeper Collars
- Waterproof and rugged
- Audible out to 400 yards
- Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
SportDOG Replacement Collars
- Available in 5 different Colors.
- Fits collars for SD-1200, SD-1800, SD-2000,
SD-2400, and SD-3200.
- Available in 3 different colors
- Fits Collars SD-400, SD-400S, SD-400CAMO, SD-800,


SportDOG Pet Training Products is one of the leading manufacturers for products such as Fencing, Training Collars and Bark Collars. SportDOG products focus their efforts around sporting dogs. Whether you’re an avid hunter, dog trainer or dog breeder -- SportDOG Pet Training Products has what you need. SportDOG leaves nothing to chance in terms of quality OR price. They feature some of the most affordable Dog Fences, Dog Training Collars and Dog Bark Collars.

SportDOG Training Supplies
SportDOG Products include many pet training supplies such as Training Collars, Bark Collars and Dog Fencing. These products are vital in the training of your dog. Without the aid of these SportDOG products it would be very difficult to train your dog quickly and efficiently.

SportDOG Training Collars
Training Collars are a wonderful aid in the training of your dog. SportDOG offers Training Collars is many different sizes and types. Whether you have a large breed dog or a small breed they have a training collar for you! A SportDOG Pet Training Products can be used on dogs young or old to teach them new commands or even tricks. If a dog does not obey a command you can deliver a mild correction that will gain the dogs attention. The correction levels can be turned up or down, some SportDOG Products feature more levels to choose from than others.

SportDOG Bark Collars
When it comes to nuisance barking, a SportDOG Bark Collar is a great choice. SportDOG Training Products are relatively simple to operate and are simple to understand. Some SportDOG products detect your dogs bark through vibrations or through sound. Each has its ups and downs. Vibration detection is great because it only senses very high vibrations since it is close to your dog’s throat. Electronic detection can inaccurately pickup another dogs bark if it is close enough and deliver a correction. This is a very unusual occurrence since they are made to pickup a bark at point blank range.

SportDOG In-ground Fence System
Dog Fencing systems are a great way to contain your dog within your yard. They are simple to use and efficient. SportDOG Products such as the In-ground Fence System uses very little power and is safe to use on your dog no matter what size. Simply lay the SportDOG In-ground Fence System wire below the ground, the heavier the traffic area the further dog you should go, and then mark the wire with boundary flags. This allows your dog a visual aid of its boundary instead of it having to guess. SportDOG Training Products offers collars that are comfortable on your dog’s neck as well when adjusted properly.

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