PetSafe Deluxe Bark Collar
  • For 15 - 120 lbs Dogs
  • The smallest static correction bark collar available, 20% smaller.
  • 18 total levels of correction.
  • Correction levels increase automatically with continued barking, allowing the dog to determine what is appropriate.
  • Five position rotary switch that selects between off, three ranges of shock levels and a test mode.
  • LED for low battery warning flash (will flash once every 2-3 seconds when low battery voltage is detected).
  • Perfect Bark™ uses both sound and vibration to accurately detect a bark every time.
  • New 6V Battery Module can be replaced easily and without tools.
  • Water resistant.
  • FCC Approved.
PetSafe PDBC-300 Deluxe No Bark Collar
  - PDBC-300
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PetSafe PDBC-300 Deluxe No Bark Collar
A dog may be a man's or woman's best friend, but continuous, excessive, or loud barking can certainly test the friendship! Neighbors can also get very irate. In fact, many towns have disturbance laws against loud, prolonged noise, such as that created by barking dogs.

Our Bark Control Collars are simple to use! Just place the battery in the receiver collar and attach it around your dog's neck. When your dog barks, a mild harmless static shock is emitted to cause a sufficient deterrent to excessive barking.

Patented Perfect Bark™ Detection - A Patented, breakthrough in bark detection! Some bark collars detect barking with a microphone and activate on sound, but can be falsely set off by other noises or another dogs bark. Some bark collars use vibration but can be falsely set off by other motion or jostling. The Perfect Bark™ technology combines both sound and vibration, and then uses a computer controlled microprocessor technology to analyze these inputs. The result is a fool-proof bark detection system, assuring the best possible anti-bark training.

Package Contents:
• Adjustable Nylon Collar
• No- Bark Water resistant Receiver
• Two sets of stimulation probes (for long and short fur)
• Magnetic (Stimulation Adjuster) Key Chain
• Two Vibration Probes
• 6 Volt Battery

Special Features:
- Water Resistant Collar:
This is a true water-resistant collar. Great for rain, snow and everyday wet conditions.

- Replaceable Battery in Collar:
Collars for this system use a replaceable 6-volt battery.(included with purchase)

- Pure Digital Signal:
A pure digital signal eliminates interference from stray signals. Computer aided electronics allow for smooth and consistent operation. The PetSafe micro processor works twice as hard as others and takes less signal to activate correctly. This NEW Sensitive approach to pet training systems means a more accurate correction point.

- Manual:
Complete Installation and Pet Training Instructions
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