Petsafe Basic Dog Containment
  • Covers up to 10 acres with additional wire and flags
  • Deluxe Ultra-Light Comfort Fit Receiver with adjustable collar
  • 1 level of correction plus beep-only mode
  • UltraLight Receiver with adjustable collar
  • Low battery indicator on Receiver Collar
  • Receiver Collar is Waterproof
  • 1 Level of Correction
  • Includes 500 ft. of 20 gauge wire
  • Manual and video CD included

This Petsafe in-ground fence is sets the standard for in-ground fencing. Reliable and inexpensive, the MIG00-11013+ is a great fence that can do what physical fences cannot. Dogs cannot climb, jump or dig underneath this fence. It allows you to keep your dog within your yard, without blocking great views of and from your house.

Easy to install, this Petsafe in-ground fence is a breeze to set up. Simply carve a trench around the area that you would like to contain your dog in, lay the wire and insert the two ends of the wire into your transmitter. Place the collar on your dog's neck and you are ready to go.

It is easy to train your dog to understand the containment fence. Every system includes 50 boundary flags that are placed along the boundary wire as a visual cue for your dog during training.

Petsafe Basic Dog Fence
  - MIG00-11013+
20 Gauge Wire System
Price: $149.99 Sale Price: $119.95     

Petsafe Basic Dog Fence-2 Dog System
  - MIG00-11013-2
20 Gauge Wire System
Price: $219.99 Sale Price: $189.90     

Petsafe Basic Dog fence-3 Dog System
  - MIG00-11013-3
20 Gauge Wire System
Price: $289.99 Sale Price: $259.85     

Replacement Deluxe Ultra-Light Receiver
  - PUL-275
NEW Waterproof Replacement Deluxe Ultra-Light receiver.
4 Adjustable Correction Levels.
For use with any Petsafe system (except the PIF-300)
Price: $109.99 Sale Price: $79.95     

Replacement Ultra-Light Receiver
  - PUL-250
NEW Waterproof Replacement Ultra-Light receiver.
For use with any Petsafe system (except the PIF-300)
Price: $89.99 Sale Price: $59.95     

20 Gauge Wire Kit
  - BD-20K
Premium, Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting 20-Gauge Wire Kit 500 ft. of wire, 50 Flags,and 2 Heavy Duty Waterproof Splices
Price: $49.99 Sale Price: $32.95     

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter
  - PIRF-100
PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter
Works with:
Price: $79.99 Sale Price: $59.99     

Replacement Battery Module 6v Lithium
  - RFA-67D-11
Replacement Battery Module 6v Lithium - 2 Pack
Replacement Batteries for:
Price: $17.99 Sale Price: $12.95     

Above Ground Wire Staples
  - STR8-SS
100 Above Ground Wire Installation Staples
Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $19.95     

Please Call If You Need Assistance - 800-957-5753.

    Package Contents
  • 10 acre Fence Transmitter
  • One, Two, or Three Deluxe UltraLight Comfort Fit Collar Receiver with adjustable collars (depending on which system you order)
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 500 Ft of 20 Gauge Wire
  • Contact prongs - 2 long and 2 short
  • Probes with caps
  • Test Light
  • Power adapter for fence transmitter
  • 2 Wire Nuts
  • Easy-to-follow manual
  • DVD covering installation and pet training

  • Covers up to 10 acres with additional wire and flags
  • Deluxe UltraLight Comfort Fit Receiver Collar with adjustable collar
  • One of the smallest and lightest receiver available anywhere
  • 1 level of correction plus beep-only mode
  • Low battery indicator on Receiver Collar
  • Collar Transmitter has built-in lightning protection
  • Includes 500 ft. of 18 gauge wire
  • Boundary Control Switch
  • Pet Specific Training Modes
  • Works with Multiple Pets
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide/DVD
  • Item Ships for FREE

Please Call If You Need Assistance - 813-769-2453.

    Receiver Collar Specs:
  • Height: .75"
  • Width: 2"
  • Depth: .75"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Waterproof
  • Low battery indicator (light will flash every 4 to 5 seconds)
  • Interchangeable Contact Points
  • Screw off cap covering
  • Correction Level Button
  • Concave interior wall (side facing throat)

Above Ground Installation: We like to make things as easy for our customers as possible. So now we have NEW Wire Securing Staples for Above Ground Installation. When you install your wire stop digging and just lay it on top of the ground, use the staples to hold it down securely. This style of installation will help you to find breaks in the wire and provide a long term visual for your dog after the flags are gone.

Use Only Burial Approved Boundary Wire
The wire you use is Important. But there is a significant difference if your wire is Burial Approved or not. Use only long lasting waterproof Polyurethane Coated wire with solid copper core.

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter: A Great addition to your Underground Containment System is the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter. System allows you to keep pets off furniture, away from plants, the nursury or out of special areas in your home. Transmitter range is adjustable from about 2 to 20 feet. Quick and easy to install. Just place the transmitter in the are you wish to keep pesky pets away from and set the radius you desire. Your pets will stat away from those areas. Works with the deluxe ultralight receiver.


Layout Examples

The boundary signal is carried out by the wire which acts like an antenna. The range of the signal can be adjusted from a few feet up to 30 feet.

Install Help for the Containment System:

How to Install a Lightning Protector for the Containment System:

We Can Help! - We Know Finding the Right Containment System is Not Easy.
Please Call If You Need Assistance - 813-769-2453..
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