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PetSafe has great product whether you’re an experienced professional pet trainer or a first time owner. PetSafe is a company that provides high quality products at affordable prices. You can trust that all of their products are expertly crafted. With a reputation of excellence PetSafe is an outstanding choice for pet lovers everywhere!
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PetSafe produces the absolute best electronic pet products you can find anywhere. PetSafe has made the industries best, most effective containment systems, training collars, bark collars, beds and dog doors. Specializing in pet products has allowed PetSafe to create the most advanced electronic pet products you can find anywhere. PetSafe sets high standards, therefore the safety and comfort of your pet is their ultimate goal. Considering the safety and welfare of their own pets has always ensured PetSafe will produce every item to out perform the competition. Continuously offering a vast array of high quality products and adhering to some of highest standards in the pet industry you know PetSafe product will fulfill their role and do so well.

PetSafe Products

- Any Size Yard
- Any Size Dog
- 20 and 18 Gauge Wire

PetSafe has a wide array of innovative pet containment solutions that keep your pet safe and comfortable. You can find electronic fence systems from PetSafe for the smallest dog to the most stubborn dog. PetSafe Pet Products are not only for dogs but cats as well.

- No wires
- Completely Portable
- Smooth and Consistent Signal

PetSafe fencing consists of not only in-ground fencing but now PetSafe has also developed a wireless pet fence that is portable. It is this type of innovation that keep Petsafe one of the best in the market. PetSafe pet products are constantly advancing in technology. Petsafe's wireless units are a breeze to set up too.

- The Solution to unwanted behaviors
- Even the most Stubborn Dog
- Shorten Training Time

PetSafe pet products stands for exactly what their name implies. Your "Pet" is "Safe". Training your dog is essential for any good pet owner and PetSafe pet products can help with proper training while reducing the amount of time it will take to having your dog behaving properly

- Stop Excessive Barking
- Static, Ultrasonic or Spray
- Safe and Humane

Excessive barking can be annoying not only to you but your neighbors as well. PetSafe has a vast selection of No Bark Collars that can control and train your dog to bark only when needed. These PetSafe pet products are developed for any temperament your pet may have.

- All Types of Weather
- Dogs of All Sizes
- Gain our Freedom

Allowing a pet to decide on it's own when to go in or out with a PetSafe pet door both pet and owner are awarded great new freedom. PetSafe produces durable, high-quality pet doors that come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can find a door to match your personal aesthetic and lifestyle from PetSafe.

- All Shapes and Sizes
- Steel Frame Construction
- Can Be Moved If You Need to

If you need a way to allow your dog the outdoors but may not have the space for it turn to PetSafe for an OutDoor Kennel. They're portable and can be moved to any space in your yard as your needs change. You can always know that there is a PetSafe product to fullfill your needs as a pet owner.

- Promote Happiness and Wellness
- Heated and Orthopedic
- Washable

Your pet deserves the comfort of a PetSafe Product such as a bed. Whether your pet is young, active, or older the benefits of bedding from PetSafe is immense. Like all PetSafe products, the quality of a PetSafe bed is second to none and are made with your pet's health and happiness in mind.

- Beginner to Advanced
- Durable and Long Lasting
- Keeping dogs away from boredom

You' will both have fun with the PetSafe Agility Equipment placed in your backyard. PetSafe products allows your dog to get the exercise he needs plus the ability to bond as you spend time together practicing.

Featured Products:
Petsafe Basic Dog Fence
BasicPetsafe Fence

- Covers up to 10 acres
- Ultralight Receiver
- 1 Level of Correction
- Receiver Collar is Waterproof

Petsafe PIF-300C Wireless
Wireless Petsafe Fence

- Creates a boundary circle 180 ft. diameter
- Completely portable
- 5 adjustable levels of correction
- Set Up is Fast and Easy

PetSafe Pet Products
PetSafe is a leading brand globally for pet products. PetSafe has the philosophy of developing products that are in the best interest of your pet's health and safety. Petsafe products cover a variety of your pet's needs. PetSafe is the leader in underground & electric dog fences, bark colllars, shock collars, pet doors, pet containment systems and lifestyle comfort products such as pet beds.

PetSafe products are all designed with their own pets in mind. They know what a pet owner needs in pet products from first hand knowledge. PetSafe is an innovator in the industry in large part because of this.
    Here is a list of the pet products that PetSafe was the first to introduce:
  • PetSafe was the first to design and manufacture the PetSafe Wellness Bed. The only pet bed that incorporates massage and heat functions.
  • PetSafe is the first and only manufacturer to create a dual-detection, “perfect bark control” device, which combines both vibration and microphone technology to eliminate false activation.
  • PetSafe is the first and only manufacturer to create a wireless electronic pet containment system or a wireless dog fence.
  • PetSafe was the first to design and manufacture the PetSafe Cat Veranda the only window- mounted cat flap that includes an open-air patio with covered roof and indoor lounging platform.
  • PetSafe introduced the first pet electronic training product line (Little Dog Trainer and Big Dog Trainer) boasting software that adjusts to the pets needs.
  • PetSafe was the first manufacturer to introduce a safety time-out feature on its bark control collars and pet containment fencing units.
PetSafe is a leading manufacture in electronic pet products. Petsafe knows that not all pets are the same therefore PetSafe develops products encompassing the different needs, temperaments and sizes of pets. Electronic Pet Fencing from Petsafe provides different fencing for small and big dogs making the work for you as a pet owner easier. Not only does Petsafe provide fencing for dogs but cats as well making PetSafe a leading and innovative electronic pet fencing provider. Ensuring the innovative development of PetSafe pet products is the Wireless pet fencing. With the innovation of being wireless the Petsafe PIF-300C is also portable. This will allow families with pets to take their furry friend along with them when they travel.

PetSafe continues it's pet safety philosophy with training collars and barking collars. They meet the unique needs of you and your pet. Wheather you have a Great Dane or a Toy Poodle; PetSafe delivers pet products that will satisfy your need. Training collars and barking collars are humane and keep your pet safe.

PetSafe Pet doors come in many sizes and are great both for dogs and cats. PetSafe doors are designed to stand up to heavy wear and extreme weather. Doors come in several sizes, from small to extra large. Some doors lock on the inside, some lock on the outside, and others have both locks. Petsafe has again developed pet products covering every need a pet owner may have.

PetSafe offers a full line of electronic products that will help you train your pet safely and humanely. You are guaranteed to find a product that fits your needs.
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