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Perimeter WIFI Rechargeable 2 Dog Fence System
  - PTPWF-100-2
Price: $589.99
Sale Price: $479.90

Perimeter WiFi Rechargeable Dog Fence System
  - PTPWF-100
Price: $389.99
Sale Price: $329.95

Perimeter Rechargeable WiFi Receiver
  - PTPWC-001
Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $149.95

Perimeter WiFi Replacement Battery
  - PT-1027003
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.95

Wifi Fence Quick Features:
• WiFi Technology Although wireless pet fencing has been available for over a decade, the wireless technology has gone through little or no changes in that time, which is unusual given the rapid advancements in technology that industries such as entertainment and communications have enjoyed. The all new Wire-Free WiFi dog fence changes everything.
• Quantum Leap in Technology with the 802.15 WiFI Protocol
• View Pet Range from SmartStation in Real Time
• Boundary Distance - Set your fence boundary from a 10-200 ft. radius
• Personalize the fence for two dogs
• Collar Battery Status - Instantly know when it is time for a battery change It all starts with the advanced Wire-Free SmartStation which continually communicates with the dog's fencing collar to track their distance from a defined safe boundary around a home's yard. The Smart Station is 10x smaller and produces 3x the useful safe area for the pet to run compared to traditional wireless fence transmitters.
• Boundary Challenge Alert
• Lost Contact Alarm!
• 2.5 acres of coverge
• Rechargable Battery System
• 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
• Waterproof Collar
Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence Information:
More Advanced Than Traditional Wireless - Underground Fences - Professional Installed Fences WiFi takes a quantum leap in Dog Fence Technology. The WiFi Rechargable Dog Fence offers Better Technology, Improved Security, and more Robust Features than the Traditional Wireless Fence, or Any In Ground Dog Fence, or any "Professionally" Installed Dog Fence. Now there is simply no need to spend extra money on "Professionally" Installed Fences, when the WiFi Dog Fence covers 2.5 Acres and offers Smart Station WiFi Technology. The WiFi fence is truly portable and will be the only dog fence you will ever need.

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How it Works: The Wi-Fi Collar Transceiver is the Most Advanced collar available. It is extremely small at 2.5" in width, 1.5" in tall and only 1.25" deep. It only weighs an astonishingly small 2.3 ounces, yet is packed with the most advanced electronics ever. The Wi-Fi Collar Transceiver offers more customized options than any other collar. Remember, unlike any other system, you can monitor your dog from your Smart Wi-Fi Base Station. Remember each collar can be independently programmed to allow you to customize your system for the temperament of each dog. Should your dog leave the Safe Zone the Correction will halt after 30 seconds.

While one of the 2 Free Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries in the Smart Base Station, it will act as a battery backup for 8 hours (when it is fully charged) should the house hold power go out. This safety feature allows for continual safe operation and containment of your dog.

Includes Battery Charger which is built-in the Transmitter - Base Smart Station. Simply place a rechargeable battery in the Collar, and one in the Transmitter - Base Smart Station. The Base Smart Station monitors the Charge level of the Battery in the Collar. When the battery in the collar gets low, simply take the Fully Charged Battery from the Base Smart Station and replace the battery in the collar. No Need for High Cost of replacement Batteries.
It's not just the evolution of the dog fence, it's a quantum leap. Past wireless fence systems there was the burden of laying out the perimeter of the fence and the hassles of burying the wire border. Users of this type of system know what it is like for the wire to break in the occasional gardening accident. The WIFI Dog Fence System eliminates any use of a border wire and has a range of 2 1/2 acres. This Wire-Free Dog Fence is totally portable!. You can take it with you while visiting friend and family. Just think of the less hassles when you move into another home. Your WIFI dog fence can be up in running in minutes compared to the weekend project with other wireless systems. The Perimeter WIFI Dog Fence System is the only Dog Fence you will ever need.

The Only one of it's kind of the market, Wire-Free Pet Fence uses the latest digitally encoded WiFi signal technology used in advanced wireless communications. Unlike dated fencing technology, the Wire-Free Smart Station and Pet Link collar are both connected by Transceivers - highly integrated signal chips that constantly links the distance between your dog and the Smart Station. Wire-Free Pet Fence intelligently tracks the location of your dog at all times, reminding her to respect the established boundary safe area, all while communicating critical safety information back to you.

Introducing Wire-Free Dog Fence - the first and only WiFi Fence for pets. WIFI dog fence utilizes the latest fully integrated transceivers used in advanced asset tracking applications. Pet lovers can now have a pet fence that gives them freedom from the hassles of buried wires and the worry of roaming.

While enjoying their outdoor freedom, pets are wirelessly connected and communicating information hundreds of times per second back to the indoor SmartStation, where concerned pet parents can view critical safety information such as the distance from the boundary area, whether Fido might be attempting a jail break or an instant alert if their pet is unprotected by the system for any reason. WIFI dog fence is the only wireless dog fence in existence where owners can have greater peace of mind by actually seeing the fence work.
Perimeter Wifi Fence Diagrams:
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Perimeter Wifi Fences FAQ:
Is Wire-Free easy to setup and install?
Wire-Free is a snap to setup. Plug the indoor SmartStation into any household 110v outlet, pop the rechargeable battery into the Pet Link collar and you’re ready to set your pet’s boundary. To set the fence boundary, simply push the program button on the SmartStation, walk the Pet Link collar out to the nearest desired fence boundary, return to the indoor SmartStation and push the program button to save your settings. It’s as easy as that! You’re ready for training your pet to their new fencing system. Several attempts at setting the boundary might be required to ensure that the desired boundary is achieved.

How many pets can be contained with the Wire-Free system?
Wire-Free is unique in that the indoor SmartStation and your pet’s Pet Link collar are highly integrated transceivers that continually monitors the movement of your pet within the boundary area, this unique link limits the Wire-Free system to a maximum of two pets.

Does the terrain affect the fence range or performance?
Unlike other wireless systems, the Wire-Free radio frequency signal is not affected by your yard’s terrain. The Wire-Free Fence’s effective range will be reduced over hilly terrain only if the indoor SmartStation base station loses direct line of sight (such as over a steep hill) with the dog’s collar. However, unlike all other wireless systems, the indoor SmartStation will actually benefit from a higher location in the house, such as a second story, to improve its “line of sight” with the pet’s fencing collar when dealing with difficult terrain issues.

What is the maximum fence range or coverage area?
Given optimal circumstances, the Wire-Free system can achieve a radius of 200 ft. or a total area of 2.5 acres with an unobstructed direct line of sight between the dog and the indoor SmartStation.

What could negatively influence the products coverage area or general performance?
Any large object or terrain that limits or obstructs the line of sight between the indoor SmartStation and your pet’s fencing collar can reduce the effective range or coverage area of the Wire-Free Fence. Even with natural obstructions such as trees and hilly terrain, you will find that the Wire-Free system will out perform any other wireless pet fence on the market, however due to the number of variables within your particular house and property, Perimeter can not predict or guarantee coverage area. There are some obstructions you will need to make particular note of when determining if a wireless fence is right for you. No radio signal will pass through or will be reflected by large metal objects which could include cars, metal studs and siding, metal sheds and water heaters. The closer the metal object, the greater the potential for unwanted interference and will result in the reduction of performance.

What kind of batteries does the collar take?
The Wire-Free Pet Link collar transceiver uses a replaceable, rechargeable lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery is charged in the system SmartStation. A full charge takes only 4 to 6 hours.

How long does the battery last and is it expensive to replace?
The rechargeable 3.6v lithium ion battery should take 300 recharge cycles. Even with frequent weekly charging the battery will last years. For optimal battery life, it is recommended to only charge the collar battery when alerted to do so by the indoor SmartStation. This consumer replaceable battery is inexpensive and readily available.

What size of dog is the system recommended for?
Due to the power requirements and specialized electronics, the size of the Wire-Free Pet Link collar transceiver is slightly larger than traditional in-ground wire systems and comparable to competitive wireless systems. The weight is only 2.3 oz. with the battery installed and its outer dimensions are 1.5”W x 2.5”L x 1.25”D. To determine if this is acceptable for your use, simply use a ruler to approximate these measurements for a collar receiver next to your dog.

Can you use two indoor SmartStations to increase the coverage area or add additional pet to the Wire-Free System?
Due to the unique relationship between the SmartStation and Pet Link collars during the initial set up, the answer is a theoretical, yes. However, potential interference issues exist where the two SmartStation signals intersect and requires further field testing for Perimeter to recommend using multiple systems in the same household.

What is the system warranty?
The Wire-Free comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Any defects in material and workmanship will be covered by Perimeter for one full year at no cost to the owner. After one year, a labor charge will be assessed depending on the damaged component. Shipping fees may apply.

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