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Muttluks keep your dog’s paws warm through the coldest winters. Muttluks are also great for just protecting your dog’s paws in general. You can use them to protect you dog from any harmful things that may be found outdoors that they could walk on. The best part of all is that Muttluks provide comfort and give better traction adding more safety not to mention that are stylish. Muttluks Paw Protectors are affordable allowing you to get a pair for all your dogs. If you have any question on Muttluks or Muttluks products themselves, feel free to call our customer service team at 813-769-2452.



Muttluks are the ultimate way to keep your dogs sensitive paws warm and unharmed in the winter time. Muttluks offer an affordable solution when it comes to making sure your dog’s paws are protected. We offer a wide variety of Muttluks to choose from including All-Weather Muttluks and Fleece-lined Muttluks. Each and every Muttluk model we offer serves a different purpose to your dog’s paws.

All-Weather Muttluks are a great paw protector year round. They offer protection in warm and cold climates, humid or dry. They feature water and salt resistant leather on the bottom to keep traction on just about any surface. The All Weather Muttluks come in 8 different sizes to accommodate all size breeds. The Muttluks boot is sewn tightly with heavy-duty industrial bonded nylon thread. For safety the Muttluks boot features 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material on the back of the strap that provides safety for dogs by offering nighttime visibility. Walking your dog at dusk or night will no longer be a worry.

We also carry Fleece-Lined Muttluks which provide that extra comfort for your dogs paws. Fleece-Lined Muttluks have an inner lining of fleece that provides warmth for your pet on those cold winter days. A large amount of body heat is lost through the end limbs, so make sure to pickup a pair of Muttluks for your dog today!

No matter which pair of Muttluks you choose, both you and your pet will be glad you did. They keep your pets paws cozy warm while protecting them from the harsh elements. Don't let other knock-off brands make this a difficult task, always choose the durable Muttluks.

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