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Innotek Training Collars have simple to use features putting them in position as one of the most in-demand dog training collars on the market today. Each Innotek Training Collar is built with price in mind while making no sacrifices in its durability. Innotek Dog Training Collars come with a remote which uses a single button for easy corrections. Every Innotek Training Collar is completely water resistant so you don’t have to worry about malfunctions resulting in an unwanted correction being given to your dog.

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- 7 Stimulation Levels
- Range is 150 Yards
- Collar Weight of 3.5 oz
- Dog Size 4 Lbs – 40 Lbs
- Waterproof Collar Receiver
- Receiver weighs 1 Ounce

Innotek Training Collars

Innotek Training Collars offer basic, straight-forward dog training collars for anyone not looking to break the bank. Innotek Training Collars are affordable and don't come with any fancy options you need to learn how to use through reading an exhaustive manual. Each Innotek Training Collar comes with a handheld remote for self-correcting with the push of a single button. Innotek Dog Training Collar are easy to use with one-push button operation making it ideal for those just looking for a simple dog training collar without all the hi-tech options out there. With this ease of operation comes ease of mind and most of all, ease of price. All Innotek Dog Training Collars are the most affordable collars that are offered on the market today all while still being of the highest quality to ensure years of use.

Innotek Training Collars come in models available for both small breed dogs and larger breeds. If you have a smaller breed such as a Chihuahua then a smaller training collar would be the optimal choice. Innotek Training Collars for smaller breeds are specifically designed to be lightweight and not loose fitting. The last thing you want is for your dog to have a heavy receiver around its neck and a loose collar. Innotek Training Collars for smaller breeds eliminates this problem.

Innotek has earned a reputation for its name through its products, and the Innotek Dog Training Collar is one product that has boosted their name to the top. The Innotek Dog Training Collar was made with consumers in mind, consumers that didn’t want to spend a fortune. If you want a simple to use, straight-forward dog training collar then an Innotek Training Collar is the sure way to go. With quality and low prices, the Innotek Dog Training Collars simply cannot be beat.

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