Innotek Bark Collars

Innotek Bark Collars use different stimulation techniques to stop your dog from barking continuously. Innotek bark collars are highly efficient and allow your dog to choose what the best level of correction is by having the stimulation level increase every time your dog barks. The collar will automatically reset itself back 2 levels after your dog has stopped barking for 5 minutes.

  • - Advanced Big Dog Bark Control System
  • - Ultra Light Collar Receiver
  • - Good for Dogs 15 to 200 Lbs
  • - 7 Levels of Stimulation
  • - Completely Waterproof
  • - Powered by Internal NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Innotek Bark Collars

Innotek Bark Collars are a great way to keep your dog’s bark contained. Innotek bark collars feature 7 levels of stimulation to choose from. All Innotek no bark collars are completely waterproof meaning your dog can swim without a malfunction from the collar. Innotek bark collars are known for their training of larger breeds. These collars have an Advanced Big Dog Bark Control System that will control even the largest breeds. Unlike other collars an Innotek Bark Collar detects your dogs bark electronically instead of through vibrations. The problem with vibration detection is if your dog jumps and lands hard enough, it could possibly result in the bark collar giving a correction. With electronic detection you do not have to worry about this.

You can choose from an Innotek bark collar with an internal rechargeable battery or a replaceable 6 volt that you can purchase at any local drug store. Innotek bark collars also feature Electronic Detection of your dog's bark. This means no accidental vibrations will deliver a correction. Innotek bark collars are designed to specifically pick up your dogs bark and no other background noise.

All Innotek bark collars feature an 11-24inch adjustable collar, fitting even the largest of breeds. All bark collars offered from Innotek can be used both indoors and outdoors. The charge of each collar will last roughly 1-2months depending on the corrections given. During correction, the Bark Collar will automatically pause for 2-second intervals giving your dog the ability to stop its barking. The Innotek Bark Collar will automatically deliver a higher correction until your dog cooperates.

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