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Innotek pet products are world renowned and deliver only the best selection of dog fences and remote training products that will help you in training your dog. We are proud to offer Innotek dog training systems that will satisfy the unique needs of a any pet owner. Innotek has developed dog fences and remote training equipment that will help you in the proper fencing of your dogs while providing necessary training to correct any behavioral problems. Innotek recognizes that dogs have different temperaments and what works for one dog may not work for another. Innotek is committed to helping you train your dog in the safest and most humane way possible. We offer a wide selection of Innotek dog fences, with the premium, deluxe and basic product lines of Innotek fences there’s one that will definitely fit your dog's particular needs and your budget as well. These fences are great for any size and breed of dog. With Innotek dog fences, you are not just providing your dog with a safe place to play and roam around but also a hassle-free training to know the off-limits areas within your home.

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Innotek products are made of premium materials and have undergone detailed studies to ensure that you and your pet can bring home the best of Innotek Technology. With the commitment to help you train your dog Innotek is the safest and most humane option. The great line of Innotek dog products are developed in the United States and distributed to different parts of the world. The wide range of Innotek training aids now includes remote trainers, bark collars and multiple dog fence models. These Innotek pet products are made to meet the special needs of dog owners all over the world.

Innotek Products

- Any Size Yard
- Run Thru Prevention
- 20 and 18 Gauge Wire

An Innotek dog fence is a good way to keep your dog from chasing people or other animals, and it's an excellent method for keeping it off the dangerous roads. An Innotek dog fence is easy to install and maintain. Unlike traditional fences, the Innotek fence is completely hidden when installed. Maintenance is as easy as replacing the batteries in your dog's collar.

- Training For The Largest To The Smallest Dog
- Control Behavior With The Press of a Button
- Smooth and Consistent Signal

Innotek dog products are considered the best on the pet equipment market. Innotek products have been manufactured using high quality shock resistant materials to withstand moisture, everyday wear and other harsh conditions. With Innotek, you can train multiple dogs simply by expanding a system by adding more receiver collars. Innotek is a trusted name in the pet industry because they deliver outstanding products which provide wonderful benefits too all their customers.

- The Solution to unwanted behaviors
- Even the most Stubborn Dog
- Shorten Training Time

The Innotek bark collars we offer use different stimulation techniques to stop your dog from barking continuously. Innotek bark collars are highly efficient and allow your dog to choose what the best level of correction is by having the stimulation level increase every time your dog barks. The collar will automatically reset itself back 2 levels after your dog has stopped barking for 5 minutes.

- Keep your pet from problem areas
- Fast, Easy and No Training
- Wireless and Easily Relocated

Do you need a instant pet proofing barrier? Innotek has developed a way to keep you pet from unwanted areas like a trash can, kitchen counters or the baby's room. Simply set up the zone you want and leave the transmitter in place to keep your dog out for as long has he’s wearing his collar. You can also by additional zones if the area is too large or a completely different area altogether.

Featured Products:
Innotek IUC-4100 Dog Fence

Innotek IUC-5100 Contain & Train
- Lightweight
- "Progressive Correction"
- Automatically adjusting levels
- Contour fit collar
Innotek BC-200 Advanced Microline No Bark Collar

Innotek BC-200 Advanced Microline No Bark Collar
- Great for dogs 15 - 200 lbs
- 7 levels of automatically adjusting correction
- 5 adjustable levels of correction
- Waterproof

Innotek Pet Products

Innotek products make life easier when training a new dog or cat. Innotek pet products serve a variety of needs that help train your animal faster resulting in better behavior. Innotek has a solution for your dog’s training needs from containment systems and training collars to no bark collars and indoor pet proofing. Innotek products can help you control annoying barking, garbage rummaging, garden digging, jumping on people and furniture. Innotek pet products are a leading provider for training and general obedience.

Innotek is a leading manufacture when it comes to pet containment. Innotek products for pet containment feature a patented run-through prevention which is a standard feature on all smart dog systems. If it isn’t Innotek its not Run Thru Prevention. The Run thru prevention warns your pet of the boundaries you have set with an Innotek system. This type of feature can quicken training time when teaching your pet about their boundaries. This type of containment feature uses positive reinforcement which will cause your pet to learn more quickly.

Bark Collars from Innotek are designed with the ability to set it and forget it attitude. An Innotek bark collar will automatically set itself at an appropriate stimulation that quiets your dog. A pet owner won't have to manually adjust to the proper level needed to control excessive barking. The innovative technology of a Innotek bark collar will take care of that making it easier on you.

Innotek knows that training your pet shouldn't be over complicated. Innotek products for pet training are simple to use and straightforward. You will find remote training pet products from Innotek are affordable without sacrificing quality. Innotek pet products are top-of-the-line dog training equipment. With over 10 years of experience, Innotek has lived up to their motto of quicker training and better behavior.

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