Hyperdog Dog Toys
HyperDog Products and HyperDog Toys at America Outdoor only offers high quality, safe, and interactive dog toys and products that are designed for optimizing the fun with playing, exercising, feeding, and grooming your dog. HyperDog Toys were engineered to ensure good times with you and make your four legged furry friend’s tail wag all the time. HyperDog products are not limited to just toys, but they have many items such as training aides, storage solutions, rugged toys, and other cool gear that will enrich the time spent with your dog. You do not have to take our word for it. Order today and experience all the great fun you can handle with man’s best friend.
HyperDog Dog Toys
HyperDog Toys

HyperDog Dog Toys, the new high performance launching dog toys constructed with high quality materials, steel, strong surgical-grade tubing, and a non-toxic vinyl coating that is strong, durable, and indestructible with very high resistance to rusting and chipping. All designed for both dog owners and their dogs for a fun and enjoyable way to train and exercise both indoors and out. HyperDog Dog Toys are all tested and designed to be safe, easy-to-use, alleviate hassles, be fun, and to be very effective toys to ensure total enjoyment and entertainment for dogs and their masters.

HyperDog Dog Toys:

  • HyperDog Tennis Ball Launcher - new high performance launching toy. Fun way to train your dog to retrieve, while giving them much needed exercise, shoots tennis balls up to 220 feet. You’ll keep your hands clean and dry with its patented hands free pick up.
  • HyperDog Disc Flying Dog Toy – Have tons of fun with this easy-to-throw and easy-to-catch toy. It is safe, soft, and great exercise fun for the both of you. Perfect catch and retrieve training tool.
  • HyperDog Doggie Driver Tennis Ball Launcher - swings just like a normal golf club driver, throws ball up to 100 yards, hands free pick up, easy to use, great for training, exercise, and fun.
  • HyperDog Ball Launcher (2 ball unit) - shoot a tennis ball up to 220 feet, can pick up a slimy tennis ball without ever touching the ball, holds up to 2 tennis balls, and can be used for multiple dogs.
  • HyperDog Dummy Launcher – Enjoy a fun workout for your dog with this great dummy launcher. Shoots dummy up to 200 feet, comes with one dummy with hook and a replacement band.
HyperDog Dental Chews:
  • HyperDog Dental Chew - Dog toys designed to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. All-natural components such as loofah, sea sponges, and cotton ropes are put together to stand up to vigorous chewing fun, throwing and fetching, or a tug-of-war.
  • HyperDog Gnaws - perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is non-toxic, tough, and durable enough to hold up to the strongest chewers. Ideal for playing a game of fetch both indoors and out. Helps promote good dental health and a great training aid.
  • HyperDog Hardware Hound - Non-toxic, chewable, fetch-able, squeaky, durable, cleans teeth, great for training, exercise, and fun! A high quality dog toy for sure that is quite strong.
HyperDog Dog Accessories:
  • HyperDog Dog Food Collapsible Storage Bin (20 lb & 40 lb) - a portable container for dog food, toys, or anything else you can think of. It is collapsible, has strong nylon web carrying straps which makes it ideal for travel, and the removable liner makes it easy to clean.

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