Dog Pens Gold Series
Gold Zinc Finished Dog Pen
  - 540-24
Size - 8 Panels: W-24" x H-24"
Price: $90.99 Sale Price: $63.11     

Gold Zinc Finished Dog Pen
  - 542-30
Size - 8 Panels: W-24" x H-30"
Price: $98.99 Sale Price: $68.37     

Gold Zinc Finish Dog Pen
  - 544-36
Size - 8 Panels: W-24" x H-36"
Price: $105.99 Sale Price: $73.63     

Gold Zinc Finish Dog Pen
  - 546-42
Size - 8 Panels: W-24" x H-42"
Price: $121.99 Sale Price: $84.16     

Gold Zinc Finish Dog Pen
  - 548-48
Size - 8 Panels: W-24" x H-48"
Price: $128.99 Sale Price: $89.42     

Dog Pens Gold Series
Rembember, the exercise pens aren't just for dogs. They can be used for all size animals This is our Premier Exercise Pen. It is coated in, Acri-Lock, a patented Acrylic coated Gold Zinc finish for long lasting durability. This exercise pen is offered in 5 different models, heights. All models come with 8 Panels. Each panel is 2 feet wide. Because pets (Dogs, Rabbits, Ducks, etc) have different heights, these exercise pens also come in 5 different heights from 2 feet to 4 feet tall. Mesh size is 1 1/2" x 6", the wire material is a hefty 9 and 11 Gauge.

The Gold series is our only Exercise Pen which also offers a door. The door features a secure double latch. We prefer the Gold series because of the door. It provides easy access for your pet as well as you. When not in use all of the exercise pens fold flat for easy storage. One of the most popular uses of the exercise pen is as an addition to a dog crate. While your puppy is being crate trained, the exercise pen allows for an ample, yet restricted, area for your pet to run. The exercise pen can easily attach to the dog crate for security. For that extra touch, add a dog crate cover to your dog crate.

We offer a variety of tops for all of our exercise pens. Pen Tops are used to provide extra security to keep your pet in and intruders out. The most secure of these is the wire mesh top which is attached with metal bolt snaps (provided). We also offer a sun shade to help keep your pet cool. It will also help keep debris out of the pen. It is attached thru brass grommets by plastic strap ties (provided). Lastly we offer a rope net top, also attached thru brass grommets by plastic strap ties (provided).

Gold Series Dog pen with crate attached
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