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Einstein E-Collars are devloped with an innovation design and technique. Thier whole thought process of how a static training collar should work is different from the rest of the brands. First of all Einstein E-Collars have an advanced COS (control of stimulation) system that give the pet owner the ability to finely tune the correct stimulation desired for all the different temperaments of dogs. This setting can be "lock and set" preventing any accidental stimluation that can accure with a static training collar.

Another great feature of Einstein E-Collars is the type of corrective stimulation your dog recieves. Einstein E-Collar uses a "blunt" not "sharpe" stimulation which which feels more like the corrective action of it's mother. This type of stimulation is less stress on the dog while still providing a reason for the dog to comply with the command of the owner. Einstein E-Collar innovative ideas put them ahead of other brands.

Einstein E-Collars
- ½ Mile Range
- 2 Dog unit available
- 800 Yard Range
- Momentary and Continuous Buttons
- "Click and Set" Stimulation Feature
- 0 to 100 Levels
- Completely Rechargeable
- Dial Adjustable Stimulation
- 800 Yard Range
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