Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collars utilize different mechanisms that are meant to guide, restrain, or discourage your dog from participating in unwanted behavior. With in a huge variety available in the market today you have many options to choose from. Finding the right kind of collar for your dog that is intended for their size and will work best for the intended training is really important, but we are hear to ensure that the collar you need fits your budget as well.

Dog Training Collars
Training Collars Under $100
- Very small waterproof receiver
- Range of 100 yards
- Tone button
- Works indoors or outdoors
- Range up to 30 feet Training
- Uses Ultrasonic sound
- For pets under 40 pounds
- 100 yard range
- 10 levels of stimulation
- 7 Stimulation Levels
- Range is 150 Yards
- Collar Weight of 3.5 oz
Training Collars Under $150
- For Stubborn Dogs
- Waterproof receiver
- Range of 100 yards
- 400 Yard Range
- 8 Levels of Stimulation
- Waterproof Collar
- Rechargeable Batteries
- Dog Size 4 Lbs – 40 Lbs
- Waterproof Collar Receiver
- Receiver weighs 1 Ounce
- 8lb+ Dogs or 22" neck
- 1/2 Mile Range
- Waterproof Collar
- Rechargeable batteries
- 8lb+ Dogs or 22" neck
- 1/2 Mile Range
- Waterproof Collar
- Rechargeable batteries
Training Collars Under $200
-500 yard range
-Expands to 3 dogs
-2 hour charge
- DryTek Waterproof design
- 7 programming modes
- Ergonomic receiver
- 1/2 Mile Range
- Vibration or Tone Modes
- Expands to 3 dogs
- 900 Yard Range
- 16 Levels of Intensity
- Fits extra-small to large dogs
- Positive vibration available
- Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
- Tri-color LED Battery Life Indicator
- Fully Waterproof
- Over 3000 Identity Codes
- 100 Stimulation Intensities
- Waterproof Receiver
Training Collars Over $200
- 800 Yard Range
- Momentary and Continuous Buttons
- 1 mile range
- 6 Levels of Correction
- Simple 1-button operation
- Completely Rechargeable
- Available in a 2-Dog System
- Low to High Power Transmitter
- Fully Waterproof
- Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
- Available in a 2-Dog System
- Fully Waterproof
- LCD Screen Display
- LED Battery Life Indicator
- Fully Waterproof
- For medium to large breeds
- 2 sec. safety delay feature
- Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries

Dog Training Collars

With our online shop, you will find the best selection of sport dog training collars that you can use to train your dog basic obedience. Since our products come from top manufactures, like Innotek, you can be confident that it has unsurpassed standards and excellent features that you can rely on. Make sure that you browse over each dog training collar to ensure that you are not missing out on any key features that can assist you in training your dog. With such a huge variety of dog training collars available in the market today, finding the right kind of collar for your dog that is according to your needs and budget is really important. You may consult a training expert if you have limited knowledge on using a dog collar and how to choose the best one for your dog. Or you can call us and our experts will be more than willing to help you choose the kind of dog training collar for your dog's particular needs.

We offer many different styles of training collars for dogs of various weights from 20 to 150 pounds, different field ranges, and varying levels of stimulation. Many of our dog training collars are water resistant or completely waterproof. All come with directions for use and some include an instruction video that can help you in training your dog properly.

Dog training collars can make the training of your dog easier for you and your dog. Eliminate the hassle of dealing with costly professional trainers; you can train your dog to obey basic commands while spending some quality time with them as well. These dog training collars are also among the most popular and most commonly used tools for both amateur and professional dog trainers alike. So why spend thousands of dollars with some professional training school when you can save with a one-time buy of a dog training collar that you can use for a lifetime?

The use of any electronic equipment such as dog training collars is much like using any other new equipment or device. Though it does not require an in-depth and profound training on your end, the proper use of the dog training collar is necessary to achieve your desired results. We have provided here some important considerations in properly using dog training collars that can help you in attaining your goals.

1. Dog training collars should comfortably fit on your dog's neck.
Keep in mind that a properly fitted collar is easier and safer to use on your dog. It also makes the training process more comfortable for them.

2. Proper placement of dog collar on your dog's neck.
Properly fitting the collar is the first and most important factor that you should consider when deciding to use a dog training collar. Determining the appropriate size of dog collar is extremely easy, as the collar must fit snugly and comfortably on your dog's neck. Remember that it should not be too tight, but not too loose either. To avoid this scenario, it is recommended that you measure your dog's neck with a tape measure before making a purchase. Then, add 2 to 3 inches to that measurement; thus if your dog's neck size is 12 inches, you need to buy a dog training collar that is 14 inches.

3. Use the training dog collar correctly.
Your main reason for having the dog training collar is to provide training to your canine and not to punish them. You love your dog and you want the dog training collar because you want them to learn.

4. Finding the right size and weight of dog training collar.
The weight and size of the dog matters when picking out the right training collar, to ensure a more relaxed fit for good training to take place. It should be appropriate to the weight and size of your dog.

For more detailed information on dog training collars, please do not be hesitant to call us. We will be more than willing to accommodate all of your dog training collar related inquiries.
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