Dog Digs Soft Dog Crates
• Easy and fast to put together, tools aren't needed
• Has side and top doors
• Strong steel frame
• Protected corners for extra durability
• Side handles
• Folds into a bag
• Durable resistant fabric
• Use indoors and out
• Keep dogs safe and secure
• Great for home and on the road
Large Dog Digs Soft Dog Crates
  - ABG-10505
Dimensions: L-24" x W-36" x H-30"
Price: $209.99 Sale Price: $144.95     

Medium Dog Digs Soft Dog Crates
  - ABG-10500
Dimensions: L-17" x W-26" x H-21"
Price: $149.99 Sale Price: $99.95     

Dog Digs Pet Crate
Perfect for carrying your pet friend to any place, the Dog Digs Pet Crate is light weight and comes in attractive color. You can also convert into a carry bag if required. The design of the crate includes nothing that may hurt your pet while you both are travelling. There are, of course, four steel rods that provide support to the crate when unfolded. And you need not put much pressure to unfold the crate. To store the crate, simply release the notch and store it anywhere you want.

Built using a durable resistant fabric, the Dog Digs Pet Crate has two openings when used normally. One opening is at the top and the second one is at the left. These can be closed using the zipper to convert it into a carry bag. You can carry light as well as heavy weight pets using these crates. The crate does not take up much space so you can keep it anywhere, including the backseat of your car.

For large pets, of weight up to 100 lbs, you can opt for 36 (L) x 24 (W) x 30 (H) crate. The weight of the empty Pet Crate is 11 lbs. For medium sized pets up to 35 lbs, you can get the crate of 26 (L) x 21 (W) x 17 (H). The empty crate weighs just 8lbs

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