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Dog Crates at the lowest prices on internet! We carry a wide variety of pet crates to fit any need possible. Dog crates come in a variety of styles including traditional wire, wood and wicker with numerous accessories to choose from. Every dog crate comes with a door with locking mechanism to keep your pet safe and secure. Our wide selection of pet crates you can relax and know that you will find one that will suite your home perfectly as well as your budget.

Wicker Dog Crates are rapidly becoming one of the most popular dog crates available. All Wicker Dog Crates are made of imitation Wicker for your dogs Safety. As with other Dog Crates, the Wicker Crates are easily cleaned. These Crates have different price ranges. The Price is related to the craftsmanship of the Wicker detail.

A Wicker Dog Crate will be many times more attractive than a standard dog crate. If you are looking for a beautiful dog crate to compliment your home, consider a Wicker Dog Crate.

Dog Crates
Wicker Dog Crates are the ultimate
Dog Crate that combines sturdy
craftsmanship, style, and comfort.
Folding Dog Crates are a great choice
for transporting pets as they can be
easily folded away for storage.
Portable Dog Kennels serve a variety
of purposes. Be sure to use a Portable
Dog Kennel when transporting your pet.
Airline Dog Carriers are perfect for
traveling. We are proud to provide you
with a variety of Airline Dog Carriers.
The Big Dog Crate is a giant crate,
great for big dogs. The Big Dog Crate
measures a giant 54"L x 35"W x 45"H.
Outdoor Dog Kennels are a great and
affordable way to keep your dog safe
in the yard, with plenty of space.
Soft Dog Crates are the newest trend
in dog comfort. Soft Dog Crates
are sturdy and easy to transport.
A great, simple way to keep your dog
safe and out of trouble. Affordable,
easy to assemble, and to transport.
Crate Covers, Crate Dollies, and
Replacement Parts can be found here.
Give your dog the best home possible.
Wood Designer Dog Crates are the
perfect accent to any home. Designed to
blend in with the surrounding furniture.
Dog Crates Information
Made of premium quality and sturdiest materials, our featured Dog Crates are just perfect for satisfying your dog's natural instinct for shelter. Dog Crates at America Outdoor are your dog's modern den. We offer variety of designs that will fit the decor of you home and are functional. We also are confident that you will find a pet crate that will fit your budget as well. Our entire line of Dog Crates has superior features so you can rest assured that you'll get your money's worth.

Nowadays, Dog Crates are widely used because they offer many benefits to dogs and their owners. By buying a Dog Crate for your dog, you are making a cost-effective investment on your dog's welfare and safety. More often than not, keeping your dog unsupervised can lead to damage property. Thus, having a reliable dog crate can help you protect your properties and your dog's mental health. A dog crate satisfies the nature instinct for a dog to find a dog den. It provides your dog a safe place where he can feel a sense of ownership. With a Dog Crate, you are giving your pet the freedom to rule his own world and become more self confident. For a comprehensive list of Dog Crates benefits, please refer below.

• Your dog's home within your home. Just like humans, dogs also love to have their own private place. This is a place where their rules only matter.
• Enjoy Peace of mind. With a Dog Cage, you can leave your dog without worrying about his safety and damaging your properties at home.
• Risk-free travel with your pet. Most Dog Crates are lightweight and portable so you can just bring your dog anywhere you go at anytime you want.
• It also eases your worry about getting your dog lost or having him interfere your driving.
• Effortless training. With a Dog Crate, you can provide your dog training necessary for improving his behavior without exerting too much effort.
• A relaxing refuge. A Dog Crate provides your dog a soothing place to snooze. It also provides him the sense of belonging when he wants to be alone.
• Dog Crates also serves as your pet's playpen.

Basically, there are several types of Dog Crates available in the market today. Each Dog Crate has special distinction to one another but all serves with one purpose - to contain your dog securely and provide a place of its own. At America Outdoor, we offer the great selection of Dog Crates at incredible low prices. These items are made of the highest quality materials so you can be confident that it will stand the test of time. Setting up a pet crate doesn't require any special tools and in-depth training on your end. With easy step by step instructions, you can safely contain your dog within seconds. Available in different sizes Dog Crates are definitely a great add-on to your homes. Dog crates can even be elegant furniture pieces with our exquisite designs in wicker and wood.

Since Dog Crates come in different makes and designs, it is essential that you come up with the one that fits your dog's particular needs. Keep in mind that the ideal Dog Crate is durable, requires less maintenance and can provide visibility and good ventilation to your dog. If you are a type of dog owner who travels frequently with your dog, you may consider buying a crate with folding designs. A dog cage with solid or raised bottom is also great because both are excellent for catching any food, water, or waste. Before making any purchase, it is also recommended that you check your dog's size. Remember that your choice of Dog Crate should not be just enough to your dog. It must have an allowance where they can play around and freely move until you allow them to go out.

Dog Crates are your dog's sanctuary. You have to respect their privacy just the way you want yours to be treated. Crate training is also necessary to improve his behavior so a close supervision is important until he is completely adapted to his new home. Aside from your humane purpose, you must also take into your responsibility the proper use of it. For more Dog Crate related questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us. One of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives is always ready to help you at anytime you need. Here in our online shop, you will find a variety of Dog Crates for your dogs and other pets. Made by the industry's top manufacturers, you can be confident that our Dog Crates will stand the test of time. Included on our collection are the following: Fold & Carry Wire, Drop Pin Wire, Soft Dog Crates, Wicker Dog Crates, Puppy Playpens, Dog Pens, Outdoor Dog Kennels and a broad array of accessories. Each crate has advanced features that will help you in the proper containment and training of your dog.

Different styles and designs of Dog Crates for your dog are now up for sale here in our shop. One of these is our huge array of soft crates from Pet Gear, the leading pet crate manufacturer in the industry. Great for indoor and outdoor use, these crates can easily be transported from one place to another. And because it is light in weight, you won't have a hard time carrying and placing it anywhere you desire. The prices of our Soft Dog Crates depend on their size.

Our Wicker dog crates, on the other hand, are also great for containing your dog. Just like our other featured crates, the wicker dog crates don’t only help you in training your pet but also serve as your pet's haven. With added cover and comfortable mattress, this crate will surely turn into a dream house and bedroom of your dog. And because of the exquisite designs, it will surely complement any home decor. The wicker dog crates are available in different designs and shades.

Aside from wicker and soft dog crates, we also offer traditional dog wire crates such as Fold & Carry Dog Crates and the Drop Pin Wire Dog Crates. The fold and carry traditional crate provides a special and personal space to your dog that is easy to transport while the drop pin wire is great for dog owners who don't intend to move the dog crate very often. Both of these Dog Crates are made of the sturdiest wire and available in different sizes.
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