Dog Boat Ladder
  • Exclusive slip-resistant ribbed steps provide your pet easy access to and from boat.
  • Reduces risk for serious strains and injuries - ideal for older, arthritic and overweight dogs
  • Universal grip securely attaches to most boat ladders
  • Washes easily with soap and water, UV resistant, rust and corrosion-proof
  • Can be attached and removed in seconds
  • UV resistant, rustproof and corrosion-proof - washes easily with just soap and water.
  • Simple and quick set-up - folds in half for convenient storage in small spaces
  • Lightweight design - only 18 lbs. - and attached handles for effortless transport.
  • Measures 64" x 16" x 4"
  • Can also be mounted to docks!
  • Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder
      - PA-5200
    Price: $301.99 Sale Price: $209.47     

    Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder
    Can also be mounted to docks!
    UV resistant, rustproof and corrosion-proof
    Can be attached and removed in seconds
    Lightweight design, Folds Away for Storage

    Paws Away Dog Boat Ladder is an must have if you take your dog boating with you. Bringing your dog with you out on the water can be great fun but getting your dog in and out of the water is not. Plus reaching over a boat to grab your dog is unsafe for both your dog and to you. Keeping the Paws Away Dog Ladder on your vessel will make life easier and allow you to enjoy spend more timehaving fun.

    Paws Away Dog Boat Ladder was designed to specifically keep you and your dog safe. Injuries can easily occur while lifting you pet out of the water onto your boat. Rocking back and forth while in a boat makes it difficult for both pet and owner to enter. Paws Away Dog Boat Ladder makes a safer enviroment for all. Plus your dog may learn to use the boat ladder by themselves giving an owner peice of mind.

    Portability is another great feature our paws aboard boat ladders bring. You can take it anywhere you may go as you drive your boat across the sea. Just bring it along with you, attach it at the side of your boat and you can now have safe and secured on board and off board activities. You can use or connect this the paws away dog boat ladder onto your boat in different ways. You can attach it at the deck mount only or you can also attach it to the sides for a safer access on and off your boat. Paws aboard boat ladder can also be mounted on docks. Its lightweight design is durable enough to safely carry you on and off the boat. The ladder provides a handle so that you can transport it without any trouble and carry it easily wherever you go. It is durable, high quality, modernized and affordable, all in one great package!

    The Paws Away Dog Boat Ladder provides many great features. This pet boat ladder is made of a rigid material making it safe to use and highly-durable. Paws Away Boat Ladder measure measures about 16 by 64 inches is folds in half making it easy to carry and great for storage. The ladder features a slip-resistant ribbed design that's safe for all pets. The conveniently designed ramp will detach and float next to your boat when the boat ladder is not needed. This unique dog boat ramp can be attached and removed in seconds and includes a universal grip that fits almost all boat ladder designs. The Paws Away Doggy Boat Ladder is rust and corrosion-proof. Perfect for the use out in the high seas.The highly-durable ramp washes easily with soap and water and is UV resistant. There is also a safety line to attach the ramp to a cleat on your vessel or dock. You can remove the ramp and let it float in the water and know that it is not going to float away because of the safety line.

    As you see the appearance of pet ladder, it doesn’t have any holes or gaps between the stiles which are intentionally designed for those people who like to take their dog and other pets when boating. With this, you don’t have to worry if your pet will injure his leg in the hole when he glides. Therefore, you and your pet can both walk easily and comfortably in and out of your boat without stumbling that may cause injuries.

    All in all, the paws away doggy boat ladder provides the essential features of a boat ladder that keeps you and your pet safe and injury free. It uses sturdy and heavy-duty materials plus durable construction so you and your pet can use it for years to come. Plus, it also provides the maximum foot comfort for the benefit of all boat passengers. Each step is constructed to be slip-resistant to reduce the risk of strains and other unwanted injuries. Paws Away Dog Boat Ladder is also easy to Clean. Just soak it with soap and water and it will definitely look like brand new again! Plus, the boat coating will not lose its color and it doesn’t corrode as well! The exceptional coating of the paws aboard dog boat ladder cannot easily be scratched by the claws of your pet. Therefore, it is guaranteed to be stain and damage free at all times! That is why paws aboard boat ladder can also be marine ladder which is a heavy-duty boat ladder for boat of any size, a ladder that provides outstanding quality! So if you are looking for different kind of paws aboard with diverse functions, try our paws aboard marine ladder, pet marine ladder, dog marine ladder and more!

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