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DogTek specializes in electronic bark collars, training collars, electronic containment systems, and even a pet camera. All of DogTek's products have been tested and approved by veterinarians and dog training professionals. With their wide experience in Research and Development means they use the latest technology and integrate unique systems. Each product is distinguished by its quality, innovation, and remarkable performance. DogTek proudly stands behind the high quality of the work put into their products. That's why all of their products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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DogTek NoBark Sonic Bark Control Collar
DogTek Bark Collar
By combining ultrasound with vibration, the DOGTEK NoBark Sonic provides a humane but effective solution
and helps train dogs not to bark. This lightweight and compact collar is recommended for little dogs.
DogTek NoBark Sonic Bark Control Collar
  • 3 Operating Modes
  • Ultrasound & Vibration
  • Adjustable Bark Sensor
  • Easy-to-adjust Collar
  • Lightweight (2 oz)
  • Water resistant
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Dogtra 2500 T&B Collar
DogTek Bark Collars
- Fits dogs of all sizes
- 7 Intensity Levels
- 3.0 oz Collar Weight
- 3 Adjustable Modes.
- Lightweight (3 oz).
- Weatherproof.
- 3 Operating Modes.
- Adjustable Bark Sensor.
- Ultrasound & Vibration.
DogTek Training Collars
- 9 different levels of impulse
- LCD display
- Magnetic on-off switch
- 16 different levels of impulse
- LCD display
- Magnetic on-off switch
DogTek Containment Systems
- 8 levels of corrections
- 2 adjustable zones
- ON/OFF switch
DogTek Pet Camera
- Fit all standards cats and dogs collars
- Built-in microphone
- The video camera weighs no more than 1.2oz.
DogTek Pet Products
DogTek has a lot to offer when it comes to electronic pet products. When it comes to remote training collars for optimal efficient dog training, DogTek has you covered. Looking for a no bark collar to keep your dog quiet when it’s not an appropriate time for barking? They have that too! For those who have found they can’t keep their dog in the year with a traditional fence, DogTek has an electronic dog containment system. What to know where your pet goes when you are not around? DogTek now has a pet camera so you can see exactly where they go and what they do.
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