Contact Standard Dog Tracking System
  • Lightweight Receiver
  • 12 Mile Range
  • 100 Built in channels
  • Transmitter runs for 400 hours
  • Transmitter runs on 3.6V Lithium batteries
  • Transmitter is waterproof
  • Contact is the latest manufacturer of advanced tracking equipment for sport dogs. Sport equipment designed by sportsmen, Contact tracking equipment is ideal for the avid hunter. Whether hunting upland or in deep brush, Contact tracking equipment gets the job done.

    When you are out on the hunt with your dogs, you want the greatest accuracy you can get. Dogs can range for miles, over the course of hours, and when you want to find them, you should be able to, quickly and efficiently. Either they are on to game, or it is time to pack it up. That is why Contact has designed equipment that makes tracking your dog a breeze. Effective, efficient and accurate, Contact is the brand you can trust.

    FCC Compliant

    Contact is one of the only manufacturers that actually works at frequencies approved by the FCC for tracking equipment. At 433-434 MHz, Contact products work at channels that are designed for tracking equipment. At these frequencies, you will experience less interference, so that you can get the greatest accuracy in any piece of tracking equipment.

    Contact Standard Receiver

    The Contact® Standard series also offers great tracking capabilities on the same frequency range of 434-435 MHz with 100 available built in channels. While still directionally accurate the Contact® Standard receiver offers two fewer antennas than the Pro Series. If you are looking for directional accuracy without the pinpoint detail and option flexibility of the Pro series the Contact® Standard series is for you.

    Contact Basic Dog Tracking System
      - CP-2000
    Price: $999.99 Sale Price: $799.99     

    Contact Standard Transmitter
      - CP-3001
    Price: $399.99 Sale Price: $299.99     

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