Canine Cooler
  • Helps prevent dehydration and overheating
  • No electricity required
  • Just add water
  • Non-toxic/No gel
  • Cool Blue color!
  • Easy to Clean
  • Canine Cooler unlike other pet beds, is that you do not have to maintain it. With Canine Cooler a dog bed all you have to do is fill it with normal tap water to activate and thats it. There's no need to constantly add water to ensure your dog stays comfortable. The Canine Cooler has a unique sponge-like material that retains the water until your dog decides to lay down which disperses the liquid giving your dog a cooling sensation it is sure to enjoy.

    Canine Cooler Cooling Pet Bed 18" x 24" Small
      - CC1824
    Price: $71.99
    Sale Price: $49.95

    Canine Cooler Cooling Pet Bed 24" x 36" Medium
      - CC2436
    Price: $92.99
    Sale Price: $64.95

    Canine Cooler Cooling Pet Bed 36" x 48" Large
      - CC3648
    Price: $128.99
    Sale Price: $89.95

    Canine Cooler chills:

    The Canine Cooler dog bed has an inner sponge material unlike ice-packs or gels. This allows the water to cool down more quickly and efficiently giving that cooling effect your pet desires. With ice-packs, you have to worry about the pack sweating and eventually defrosting. The Canine Cooler is designed specifically to be cool each and every time your pet lays on it. Gel pet beds are a hassle and if your pet rips it the gel leaks out. The Canine Cooler dog bed inner sponge soaks up all the water preventing this when not in use.

    Refrigeration not required with Canine Cooler:

    Canine cooler is designed to be chilly, not freezing cold. The idea behind the Canine Cooler is to cool things down so your dog is comfortable and happy instead of shivering cold. However, The Canine Cooler can be refrigerated on those long summer days when your dog has been active if you desire, cooling them down even more quickly.

    Canine cooler not only cool, but comfortable:

    The Canine Cooler is not only used to keep your dog cold, but to keep it comfortable. The Cooler has memory-foam properties allowing your dog to lie down and instantly be relaxed. No more turning in circles trying to find a comfortable position!
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